[Interview] Dimitar Petrov - Emotional Colors and Shapes

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  • 04/05/2021 19:00
  • Yustina
[Interview] Dimitar Petrov - Emotional Colors and Shapes

Dimitar Petrov


He was born in Kyustendil, Bulgaria in 1969. Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1996, majored in Religious Painting. In 2000 he stayed in India for one year. In 2010 he compeleted the Tout International d'art course in Paris, France. He is a winner of awards - Soros Arts Center, Award, Sofia Competition for Wall Painting, Balkan Biennale Painting Category Award, National Biennale Painting Category Award


His keyword is energy from the nature. His starting point is always nature, but he tries to express the immaterial aspect, not the visible shape. However, he does not cross a certain line. He goes beyond nature and approaches his spiritual essence, yet he does not lose its prototype.


His hometown, Kyustendil, is surrounded with famous mountains and rivers, with outstanding scenery such as Mount Osgov, Mountain Rila, and Struma River. He transfers that power of nature to abstract paintings. What he tries to describe is experiences in nature, changes in emotions, and feelings of all kinds, which comes when he is observing the nature. He says that his paintings are "immaterial dimensions of movements that pass through invisible intrinsic logic." What he pursues is not a tree, an old house, or a window, but the shape, color, and color created by mixed emotions.


In his painting, the scenes make it possible to overcome the constraints of reality, which is most probably possible only in our dreams. He tries to share his experiences. His paintings are sensuous and they create illusions, which are mechanisms for stimulating certain emotions. Sometimes he does not hesitate to use bold color contrast.