2021 Bestseller Book Top 10

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  • 01/01/2022 10:00
  • Justina Kim
2021 Bestseller Book Top 10

2021 Bestseller Book TOP 10 

It is noteworthy that the first 5 places are only Bulgarian titles, and the surprise is that in this arrangement more than other years there are books for the youngest, for example encyclopedic editions and tales. Apparently, the work of parents at home and the online education of children during the pandemic had a positive effect on reading habits. Interest has returned to forgotten bestsellers related to holistic medicine, and even rebirth. Otherwise, any line capable of offering some political justification or psychological consolation was welcome for home readings in 2021.


1 „ALMANAC. Traditions and Holidays of the Bulgarians“ (Petya Bankova, Rachko Popov - Bulgaria)

2 „Life at the Rock Cliffs“ (Mariya Laleva – Bulgaria)

3 „Clay“ (Victoriya Beshliyska – Bulgaria)

4 „Deceitful Reality“ (Stoycho Kerev – Bulgaria)

5 „The Solitaire of the Archangels“ (Mariya Laleva – Bulgaria)

6 „The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom“ (Don Miguel Ruiz - Mexico)

7 „Top Misteries of the Universe“ (Slavi Panayotov - Bulgaria)

8 „Outwitting the Devil“ (Napoleon Hill - USA)

9 „Top Mystery of Bulgaria“ (Slavi Panayotov - Bulgaria)

10 „The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck“ (Mark Manson - USA)


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"Golden Lion Award" is a Bulgarian award for overall contribution to publishing of literature books, which is organized by the Bulgarian Book Association. In 2021 the Golden Lion Grand Prize for Best Comprehensive Publishing Project was endowed to the Kibea Publishing House for "For Architecture" by Mark Vitruvius Polyon. The Golden Lion Grand Prize for a publishing project of the greatest social importance  was offered to the Tochitsa Publishing House for the book „A Day at the Museum“ by Todor Petev, Zornitsa Hristova and Siyana Zaharieva.

The National South Spring Debut Literature Award was offered to Tsvetozar Tsakov „Vinilovi dush“ in fiction, and to Stamena Datseva „Gradina na ruba“ – in poem.