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As a social enterprise, we aim to provide an information platform for Bulgarian cultural contents and Bulgarian artists through this site.

Bulgaria is a humanely ethical and humanitarian country. The first reason is that slavery has never been accepted throughout its long history. Second - During World War II, despite being an ally of Germany, it refused Germany's request to send about 50,000 Jews living in Bulgaria, eventually saving their lives. Thirdly, no matter the form of government, was - monarchy, communism or democracy, governing power has never used force against the people, even if they went out to the street for protest against the government.

Bulgaria is a country of archaeological treasures. The life of the Thracians who lived in Bulgaria territory most actively 5000~7000 years ago, as well as the cultural heritage of ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Slavic people, the Byzantine civilization, and the Ottoman Empire civilization are buried in layers in Bulgaria's territory. Bulgaria's archaeological value will shine even brighter in the future, as there are still countless unexcavated sites.

Bulgaria is a country of music, arts and wine. In a mountainous area called Rhodope, there is the Rock of the Sanctuary of Orpheus, who was a famous bard in Greek mythology, and in recent years it has been noted by archaeological findings that this rock has been the site of rituals for worshiping Orpheus since the end of the Neolithic period. It is also the oldest extant Thracian religious shrine. Today, Bulgarians come into close contact with and often enjoy music and dance in their daily lives, and many talented artists are scattered all over the world.

Bulgaria is a land of wine, hot springs and roses. Bulgarian winemaking has a long history, as evidenced by Thracian wine glass relics, and today there are around 370 wineries within Bulgarian border. The mineral springs with various combinations of ingredients are abundant and evenly distributed throughout the nation, and about 50 hot springs have been developed. Bulgarian roses supply more than 70 percent of rose oil distributed worldwide due to their unique fragrance and commercial value.

The nature and climate are so varied and beautiful that Bulgarians call themselves ‘a country touched by the hands of God’, and the climate is mild., Musala Peak of about 3,000 meters above sea level, is the highest in the Balkans. They have easy access to mountain trackings and ski resorts from the metropolitan area, such as Mount Vitosha in Sofia, the capital. It faces the Black Sea for 378 kilometers to the east border and the Dabube river - 609 kilometers to the north. There are also many lakes and caves inland, so you can easily enjoy the beauty of nature. There are no typhoons and almost no earthquakes, so it can be said that there are few climatic threats.

Against such advantageous background, Bulgaria is experiencing a variety of artistic and cultural evolutions and developments. “You can see as much as you know, you can appreciate as much as you know” – keeping this motto in our heart, we hope that this site “News on Bulgarian Culture” will help to increase our understanding and expand opportunities for artistic enjoyment. This project is supported by the Bulgarian social enterprise Hana Art Network. Thank you.