Director IVAYLO HRISTOV's "FEAR" was selected as the candidate for the Oscar Award

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  • 12/11/2021 21:00
  • Justina
Director IVAYLO HRISTOVs FEAR was selected as the candidate for the Oscar Award

October 11, 2021, the Commission of International Film at the National Film Center, chaired by Prof. Bozhidar Manov, selected the Bulgarian contender - "FEAR" by director Ivaylo Hristov for a Bulgarian proposal for the Oscar for International Film. The film "FEAR" won the Golden Rose Grand Prize in 2020, the actress Svetlana Yancheva also won the Best Actress Award. This film received a number of awards, including the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers Award, and the Accredited Journalists Award.  



Bulgaria, 2020, 100 min, black and white film 


Script: Ivaylo Hristov

Director: Ivaylo Hristov

Cameraman: Emil Hristov

Music: Kiril Donchev

With the participation of: Svetlana Yancheva, Michael Fleming, Ivan Savov, Stoyan Bochev

Production: Pro film - Asen Vladimirov

Co-production: Transformers, Sonus, Kinolight, Revo Films

With the support of the National Film Center


Svetla is a bright widow who recently lost her job as a teacher. She has been living in a small village, where often appeared refugee, since it was near to the border with Turkey. One day, Svetla meets an African migrant in the forest and it changes her life. She is forced to oppose the entire village, which demands that the black refugee leave immediately.

Ivaylo Hristov is a famous theater and film actor, film director and teacher, winner of numerous Bulgarian and international awards. Emigrants (2003, co-director Lyudmil Todorov) won the Golden Rose for a feature film. "Steps in the Sand" (2010) was named as the best Balkan film at the Sofia International Film Festival, and "Carts" (2015) won the "Golden St. George" at the Moscow IFF and "Golden Rose" for a feature film.