Belogradchik - Village with Legends from Rocks in weird Shapes

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  • 14/09/2023 06:43
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Belogradchik -  Village with Legends from Rocks in weird Shapes

Belogradchik Rocks are a collection of rocks made of sandstone and conglomerate, located on the western slope of the Balkan Mountains in the village of Belogradchik in northwestern Bulgaria. These rocks come in a variety of colors from red to yellow, and some can reach a maximum height of 200 meters. The shapes of rocks often remind us of something else, so people sometimes name rocks after the objects they resemble.

There are many legends written on the rocks and boulders. One of the most famous stories is that of a monk and a nun.

Once upon a time, on the two highest peaks between the Belogradchik rocks there lived a monastery, where Bithynia, a great beauty, lived. She, Bondivita, was born in the mountains, where she developed her love for whistling with a shepherd. One day, an old monk who saw her was amazed by the beauty of her Vita and told her parents to protect her Vita by sending her to her monastery as her beauty would harm her. Brought to her monastery, she spent long periods of time lonely in her dark solitary confinement, changed her name to Vitania, and tormented her under the guise of ‘her god’s punishment’. Vita, in solitary confinement on her monastic holiday, swallowing her sorrows with her love for her shepherd, heard her whistling. She jumped out of her room and followed the sound of her whistle, at the end of which she met her lover. But the head of the convent came running and dragged her Vita back to her cell. In time she heard the whistling sound again, and it was coming from the men's monastery. The shepherd became her novice in a male monastery, and they had nightly trysts. A year later, suddenly, Levitania found herself in solitary confinement and her baby cries began to be heard. Vitania was exiled by her angry retinue, and starving due to the world's rejection of her, she returned to her convent, wanting to stay even in her solitary confinement. As she was about to leave the monastery, the ground shook, causing the women's monastery to collapse and Vithania to become a stone statue. If you visit Belograd Chic, you can see Vitania and her lovers petrified in front of the monastery.

Belogradchik has the best-preserved fortress in Bulgaria. This ancient fortress was built during the Roman Empire and was gradually expanded over time. The dungeon, which seems to have been added later, is almost completely preserved, and you can also discover areas that were used as warehouses for various purposes.

Belogradchik is currently a natural landscape landmark designated by the Bulgarian government, an important tourist attraction in the region, and is also valuable as the only habitat for endangered Bulgarian plants. During the summer season, operas are performed outdoors with strangely shaped rocks in the background.


Belogradchik operating hours (last admission one hour before closing)

January - March: 09:00 – 17:00
April: 09:00 – 18:00
May: 09:00 – 19:00
June - August: 09:00 – 20:00
September: 09:00 – 19:00
October: 09:00 – 18:00
November-December: 09:00 – 17:00
Open all year round

Belogradchik entrance fee

Adult – 6 BGN
Family ticket (parents with children under 18) – 12 BGN
Students and Seniors – 4 BGN
Audio Guide – 6 BGN
Guided tour – 10 BGN
Parking lot in front of Belogradchik Fortress – 2.40 BGN/hour
Groups of 10 or more: students, college students, seniors – 3 BGN
Adult – 5 BGN