Melnik - Combination of Local Wine and Mysterious Rock Pyramids

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  • 21/09/2023 17:17
  • Yujin Song, Justina
Melnik - Combination of Local Wine and Mysterious Rock Pyramids

There is a place called ‘Melnik’ in the Pirin Mountains in southwestern regions of Bulgaria. This place is also called the Melnik Pyramid because a big bedrock reminds of a pyramid. This is a rock formation in a width of 17 km2 and a height of up to 100m. The reason for such impressing formations is mainly due to erosion caused by rain and by being worn out. Because it is a globally important geological phenomenon and as well a rare phenomenon in the Balkan Peninsula, the Melnik Pyramid was designated as a natural landmark in 1960. Although it was created naturally, it looks as if it was carved by humans, so each rock has a variety of nicknames, such as rock mushrooms, mountain peaks, obelisks, and even swords and spires. The most interesting thing is that its shape continues to change due to the constant natural influences.

In fact, Melnik is famous for its wine. It has a long history as wine has been produced since 1346. When you visit the wine museum, located in the center of Melnik, you can learn about the history of local wine, specialty grape sorts, and unique winery techniques through exhibits and explanations. You can also taste Melnik wine at the museum.