ETAR, the first museum in Bulgaria

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  • 12/10/2023 08:34
  • Yujin Song (Korean), Justina (tran. english)
ETAR, the first museum in Bulgaria

Etar is Bulgaria's first museum and open-air museum, opened on September 7, 1964. Etar is located 8 km south of Gabrovo town and is a cultural property of national importance.

  Etar is the ancient name for Yantra and the name of the river that passes through the village of Gabrovo. The name was chosen for the museum because it symbolizes the connection between water and local development.

In Etar you can see Bulgarian customs, culture and technology. In particular, there is a hydraulic device that is also a symbol of Etar, the only one in Bulgaria that preserves water-powered technology and is still functioning properly. You can also see a ‘baliabich’ (a perforated vat that lets water flow through and used to wash bedding and rugs), several watermills, and a ‘tefavika’ (a facility for textile processing). The streets are made of stone and allow you to experience the streets of a major city during the Bulgarian revival. Many buildings and facilities have been preserved and reconstructed, allowing you to experience the architectural techniques of the Balkan region at the time.

Several artisans are also active in this museum. First of all, the copper workshop called ‘Bakrudziska’ was built in 1968. It mainly produces kitchenware, and is characterized by a frugal design. The pottery studio, built in 1874, mainly produces products that store liquids and decorates them with unique paintings. The woodworking shop, built in 1971, manufactured many materials needed for construction and products used in everyday life. We adhere to old techniques and use original tools to produce them. In addition, there are artisans making folk instruments, a goat hair processing workshop, a saddle-making workshop, an art studio, a fur workshop, a weaving workshop, a cart workshop, a jewelry workshop, a tanning workshop, a cow bell workshop, and an oil workshop.

ETAR, currently one of Bulgaria's top 100 national attractions, also has various children's experience facilities and historical sites. It is a place where you can experience Bulgaria's traditional culture in one place, making it a meaningful trip.

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